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The Starlight RPG wiki is about the modpack for minecraft by the same name.

Starlight RPG is a modpack that is strongly reliant on dimensional travel, combat mechanics, and working towards balanced transformations known as "Soul Overs" obtained by synthesizing souls or defeating a boss in a duel.

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Although there is not much lore so the player does not feel controlled by a narrative, the lore does provide a basis for the player's adventure.

The player is said to be a star mage with a powerful soul. They are capable of using star magic and have learned to harness the power of Soul Overs while they studied the stars. Their reason for traveling to each dimension is to collect their residual energies to enter the Betweenlands as well as free the other dimensions from malevolent beings (implied by the quests titled "Savior of ___"). The Betweenlands itself is a dimension with power from every dimension that supposedly is responsible for dimensional rifts, which can be seen as the primary motivation for fighting the bosses there.

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